About Us

Our Vision


Our Vision is based on Matthew 28: 19-20 and Mark 16: 15-20, the Church’s Commission: to preach, teach, baptize, make disciples for Christ, to bring Christ’s healing, deliverance and wholeness to everyone in the area of suffering humanity.

Our Mission


Greater Moncrief Missionary Baptist Church is commissioned of God as a ministry designed to Establish Believers in the purpose of God in growth, stability and maturity, through church-based Christian education. 

 Our Mission takes us to three streams of development:

  • To Mature the Members
  • To develop members into mature sons and daughters, led by the Holy Spirit.
  • To Mentor into Ministry
  • To mentor them for ministry, in such a way, so that “father-to-son” inheritance is passed on.
  • To Build the Body
  • To build the Body of Christ, as living stones, set in place and shining for His glory.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to accomplish the mission based on the vision – that is: to win souls, make disciples, equip, develop, train, mature, mentor and build mighty men and women of God, walking in the purpose of God.